The Difference between Microblading, Combination Brow, Powder Brow and Ombre Brow

February 6, 2023

One of the most common questions we are asked at Cosmetic Avenue is: “Which style of semi-permanent makeup will suit me?” We understand that everyone is different and that’s why we offer a range of techniques to help you achieve your desired look. Whether it’s Microblading, Combination Brow, Powder Brow or Ombre Brow – our team of experts are confident they can deliver the perfect result for you.

At Cosmetic Avenue we emphasise on quality results and client safety. Our clients trust us to provide them with personalised services in a warm and friendly atmosphere to help them make the right decision without any pressure.

One style isn’t suited to everyone, which is why we offer various options. This enables us to achieve your desired look whatever that may be. Whether you are looking for a soft and natural look or more of a full makeup type finish, we can use different techniques to create your chosen style.

For anyone considering having semi permanent makeup, it is really important to understand all of the options before deciding which is right for you.

So what are the options?


Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup treatment which uses a manual tool to create individual hair strokes that blend into your natural brow. This technique offers a very natural look and can last up to 18 months.

Microblading is suitable for those who want a natural and subtle look. It can be used to fill in sparse brows, add shape and definition or even cover up old scars.


Combination Brow

The Combination Brow combines both powder and Microblading techniques, creating a natural yet defined look. This is perfect for those looking for a fuller brow that still looks natural.

This technique is ideal for those who want a fuller brow, but don’t want to go too extreme. It can be used to frame the face and give you that “on fleek” brow look.

Combination Brow

Powder Brow

Powder Brows are created using semi-permanent makeup pigments applied with an electric machine. The result is similar to applying powder makeup but this technique will last a lot longer than traditional makeup, it is both smudge and water proof.

This technique is great for those who want a full makeup type look. It can be used to add colour, shape and definition to your brows.

Powder Brow

Ombre Brow

Ombre Brows can created by blending two different shades of pigment together, giving you the appearance of having darker and lighter hair in your brows. It can also be created by applying a lighter pressure towards the front of the brow using the same colour, almost like an airbrush type finish. This technique provides a very natural look whilst still giving you fullness in your brows.

This technique is perfect for those who want a softer, more natural look. It can be used to fill in sparse brows and give a subtle ombre effect.

Ombre Brow

So which one is best for me?

The styles outlined will give you a better idea of the different options, but what we really recommend is having a face to face consultation with one of our semi permanent makeup experts where we can discuss a style specifically suited to you. We can demonstrate shape and colour and offer a more detailed explanation of the options in a warm and friendly environment.

At Cosmetic Avenue we understand that everyone has different needs and tastes when it comes to semi-permanent makeup. For example, those with fairer skin and hair may suit a lighter, more natural approach. This is why we offer a range of techniques and colours so we can find the one that will suit you best. With our team of experts, you can trust us to provide quality results and ensure your safety and comfort every step of the way.

You can find all of our brow services on our treatments page. If you have any questions about any of our brow treatments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or pop by for a chat if you’re in Leicester.

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