Obagi Hydrate Luxe


Introducing Obagi Hydrate Luxe, your overnight solution to ultra-rich moisturization. Luxuriously engineered with biomimetic peptides, this balm-textured moisturizer ensures your skin stays supple, hydrated, and radiant.

Deep Dive into Obagi Hydrate Luxe

Obagi Hydrate Luxe is not just a moisturiser—it’s a night-time rejuvenation treatment. Expertly crafted to tap into the skin’s chronobiology, this product is designed to complement your skin’s nightly renewal process, working seamlessly to combat skin dryness and enhance skin’s appearance while you sleep.

Key Features

  • Ultra-rich overnight moisturisation.
  • Non-comedogenic formula with a luxurious, balm-like texture.
  • Expertly engineered with key biomimetic peptides.
  • Contains Hydromanil for 8-hour moisture protection.

Ingredients at a Glance

The enriching power of Obagi Hydrate Luxe originates from its blend of nature-derived and scientifically-proven ingredients:

  • Shea Butter, Mango Butter, & Avocado Oil: Natural moisturisers that keep skin soft and radiant.
  • Biomimetic Peptides: Support the skin’s metabolism, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Hydromanil: An advanced ingredient that provides instant and continuous hydration, retaining water in skin layers and releasing them over time for prolonged moisture.

How to Use

Apply Obagi Hydrate Luxe evenly on the face during the evening as an integral part of your nightly skin care routine. For optimal results, ensure skin is cleansed and dry before application.


“The best moisturiser I’ve ever used. Perfect for my dry winter skin without feeling heavy.”

“After just one night of using Obagi Hydrate Luxe, my skin felt softer, and my pores appeared smaller.”

“It’s a rare find—a non-comedogenic moisturiser that suits my sensitive skin. I’ve been using it for a month and the results are amazing!”

Experience the luxury of deep moisturisation with Obagi Hydrate Luxe and awaken to a visibly renewed complexion.