Is microblading right for me?

February 2, 2023

Firstly, let us tell you a little about what microblading is..

Microblading is a semi-permanent make up procedure where pigment is planted into the top layer of the skin, creating a natural hair stroke illusion. Microblading creates a subtle yet fuller looking eyebrow.

So is microblading right for you?

There are many styles of semi-permanent eyebrows, microblading is just one of them. Therefore, there are options and the chosen style will determined by the following factors:

  • Skin type
  • Face shape
  • Desired look
  • Whether or not you have previous semi-permanent makeup
  • Amount of existing hair and so on..

Here is an example of why microblading might not be right for you:

You have oily skin – Depending on how much oil your skin produces, oily skin generally doesn’t hold pigment very well.

This leads to a slower healing time and significantly quicker fading. You may find that you need more touch-ups than other clients will.

The pigments are also more likely to spread, meaning strokes will not look as crisp as they would look on someone else’s skin.

So if the above is a good reason why microblading wouldn’t be right, let’s talk about why it might be right..

You may have a combination skin type, a good amount of existing brow hair and are looking to enhance your shape, fill in any sparse areas, resulting in a very natural looking brow.

If you decide to go with microblading, here is some information on how long it will take to heal

Microblading takes at least 4 weeks to fully heal, although generally you will be free of any scabbing or flakiness after the first 7-14 days.

How many treatments are required?

This treatment requires 2 treatments, your initial session where we create your new shape, this is followed by a top up session around 6-8 weeks later to go over any lost pigment and to  freshen up the shape we have achieved. Once your first two sessions are complete, we recommend a touch up appointment every 12 months to keep your colour fresh and your hair strokes nice and crisp.

Caring for your brows following treatment?

It is important to keep the area clean and free of makeup for the first few days following your treatment. Gently wash the area with a mild soap, pat dry and apply the aftercare balm provided. Avoid using any harsh cleansers, scrubs, or makeup removers. Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least 2 weeks following your treatment.

You may experience some redness, swelling, or tenderness immediately after your treatment. This is normal and will subside within a few days. If you experience any excessive bleeding, swelling, or pain, please contact our clinic immediately.

Some pigment may be lost immediately after the treatment as your skin heals. This is normal and the colour will settle within 2–3 weeks. Once healed, you can expect the colour to last around 12 months before needing a touch–up.

Interested in this treatment? book a free consultation through our website, pop in to see us or email [email protected].


If Microblading isn’t right for you, there are lots of other style options that might be. Let us help you decide.

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